7 Things to know before starting a new hotel business.

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Starting a New Hotel Business ?

Starting a new hotel business, today i will brief you about the career opportunities in Hotel Management
This era of globalisation has made-up approach for edifice management and its connected courses.
The speedy boom of commercial enterprise is another excuse for edifice management to stay evergreen.
The services to the general public area unit offered through ample hotels and restaurants that area unit
scattered across the nation. For a similar reason several graduates get jobs during this field of career.
Starting a New Hotel Business is one of the hot courses
these days and many students are selecting for the same. Bachelor of hotel management is
a 3 year course wherever students area unit trained with state of the art development strategies
pertaining to the hospitality industry. A hotel management course takes into account
almost all roles performed in a hotel. The student is educated about all the responsibilities
in a hotel. The people area unit trained in food production, housekeeping, front office,
personality dev., business communication, hospitality marketing and tourism, and few more.
today we tend to area unit planning to remark a way to

start your new hotel and enter the world
of entrepreneurship India is one of the
top tourist hotspots of the world and
one of the upcoming economies and these
factors make it one of the leading
options when it comes to the hospitality
business as young entrepreneurs the
thought may have crossed your mind to
open a new hotel but you don’t know
where to begin so in this article let us
today look at some points that are
important to know before you decide to
start your new hotel Business.

1.Type and location – this is the four most
important thing to decide for the hotel
the types could range from an economic
budget accommodation to a theme based
our hotel providing various facilities
while choosing the location it would be
ideal to begin in an exceedingly traveler hub or a
commercial location or maybe a hill
station again depending upon the theme
and type of hotel you want

2.hotel logistics – to
make your hotel business successful a
vital aspect is to have proper
infrastructural and transport facilities
to the edifice it ought to be simple for the
people to reach the hotel a hotel can
thus be near to a railway station a bust
and shopping malls airports etc the best
thing is that more people will get
attracted to your hotel in these areas
in turn giving you huge revenue if you
plan for an offbeat remote distance
location make sure it is accessible for
your guests and there’s enough
availability of power water
infrastructure etc

3.hotel area plan – determining hotel area
is completely dependent on the size of
your hotel for a midsize hotel of 80 200
rooms the approximate area required
would be 10,000 to 50,000 square feet

4.hotel layout plan – for planning the
layout of your hotel you can seek
professional help from interior
designers who can provide you with good
within your budget they can even help
you with beautiful layouts that will
attract more tourists

5.financing your hotel – if
you require financial assistance in
India you can avail business loan from
many private and nationalized banks
normally the 30 percent of the loan
amount will have to be arranged by you
and the remaining 70 percent will be
provided to you by banks you need to
decide on what L budget well in advance
before approaching the bank the banks
will check your credibility and
liabilities before granting the loan.

6.recruitment of stocks
depending upon the size and need of the
hotel the stars need to be recruited
they include front office stars
housekeeping line managers chefs
supervisors waiters etc you can recruit
people through placement agencies or
through direct advertisements in media

7. rating and promotion – you’ve got to
get ratings for your hotel from Indian
Tourism Board while you start the normal
ratings can be one two three four or
five promoting your hotel will increase
the revenue hence you have to see every
possibility to promote your hotel both
within India and abroad
so folks that’s all for today there are
many other things you need to look into
for a hotel business like different
licenses registrations and permits but
the points I talked about are the most
important for beginning it’s not easy
but it’s not impossible if you feel you
are interested in it and have the
available resources you should
definitely go for it and become a great
hotel entrepreneur until
next time thank you good luck and good

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